Q & A

Q. What is Rekall Cloud?

Rekall Private Cloud is a fully customized & secure cloud solution for law firms. Rekall Cloud hosts any and all software in the cloud for law firms may it be document management, time, billing & accounting, or Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft Office. In this way law firms can host the software that they use daily, with zero learning curve, zero downtime, and zero need for office servers or an office IT infrastructure other than desktops.

Q. What’s the difference between a Private Cloud & Public Cloud?

A Private Cloud is a technology where a company owns and maintains their own servers in a data center. A Public Cloud is when a technology company uses a cloud host such as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or Amazon to host their servers for their clients. They do not have control over server functions, cannot perform maintenance, and cannot manage the servers or tweak them for performance. They are also bound by the rules and potential issues of the cloud host. A law firm looking to the cloud should only work with a tech company who owns and manages a Private Cloud.

Q. What kind of helpdesk support is offered by Rekall, do you offer unlimited support?

Rekall Cloud includes unlimited support for all applications and firm technology.

Q. What exactly does helpdesk support, what are support hours?

Rekall Cloud law firms receive unlimited support, this includes support for all hardware devices, PCs, servers, printers, and we also support specified law firm software as well. Standard support is between 8:30am & 5:30pm EST/PST M-F. All other times are considered emergency support including holidays.

Q. How secure is Rekall Cloud?

Rekall offers one of the most secure private cloud services for law firms in the country. Security services include dual Tier III data facilities with complete redundancy. Please refer to our cloud services page to learn more about Rekall Cloud security

Q. Does Rekall Cloud include Microsoft Office Standard or Professional?

Rekall offers cloud servers with both Microsoft Office Standard & Professional.

Q. Can I purchase PC hardware through Rekall?

Absolutely, we have hardware vendor relationships that will most definitely save your firm money.

Q. Will you support my smartphones, if so, to what degree?

Absolutely, we will support email, cloud access, pretty much anything you need on your Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device.

Q. What happens if I’m legally obligated to provide my data to a third party such as if my firm is served with a subpoena?

Rekall will work with your firm in these situations. With your approval we will export a copy of your entire server or just a copy of the data needed and send it off on a portable hard drive to the third party. If need be, we will work with the third party while keeping you in the loop 100%. We have done this before and have a lot of experience with these situations. Our priority and loyalty is always to our clients.

Q. How does the migration process work, how do I get my files to the cloud?

From the initial quote, to the agreement, to the migration, we handle it all. Our techs gain remote access to your network and start the upload process once your cloud server is built out. Depending on your local internet speed and the size of your data, all migrations are generally done over a weekend.

Q. Will all my law firm software work in the Cloud?

Yes, all your law firm software will work on the cloud. We have a LOT of experience configuring and customizing software to work in our environment. We have learned a lot along the way and your firm will benefit from our experience. Even non-Terminal Server compliant software will work on the cloud as we are a fully customizable cloud solution.

Q. How does Printing & Scanning work in the Cloud?

Printing & scanning work identically to how they work in your office. Printers redirect to the cloud session automatically and during the migration process, techs setup scan to email on your printer or copier so scans go directly to the cloud. For law firms with specialized printing & scanning needs, Rekall offers added solutions to accommodate 100% accurate printing solutions.

Q. Does Rekall Cloud cover all the software licenses we will need?

Rekall will cover your Microsoft licensing for Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc…), Windows Server & SQL.

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