“The Captain”

Ross B. Siroti

CEO & Partner

“The Architect”

Tsvet I. Hristov

CTO & Partner

“The Savant”

Lloyd B. James

Director of Technology Integrations

“The Soldier”

Andrew C. Potechko

Director of Helpdesk Operations

“The Consigliere”

Vanessa H. Katz

Director of Business Operations


“The Cooler”

Anthony P. Bottone

Systems Engineer

“The Sledge Hammer”

Greg Glazebrook

Systems Engineer

“The Padawan”

David E. Martinez

Junior Systems Engineer

“The Executioner”

Danielle N. Mania

Business Development Coordinator

“The Voice”

Margaret M. Fox

Marketing & Sales Associate

“The Web Guy”

Dan Rumbauskas

Websites Division Coordinator

“The Mole”

Elaine Gutang

Marketing Associate

“The Strategist”

Nuno L. Castainca

Director of Finance

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