2 Factor Authentication & Other Security Methods for Law Firms

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Clients are taking an interesting stance when it comes to the legal technology their law firms utilize. They want their legal representation to take a firmer look at keeping confidential information safe and making sure important information is not leaked or lost. A few examples currently securing Rekall law firms include two-factor authentication and SSL encryption.

While two-factor authentication may take slightly longer to view sensitive information, clients are becoming more adamant about this because it adds an extra layer of protection in case the wrong person could potentially access this information. A simple login name and password could be hacked, but sending a separate, private code or encrypted key (different from a password) that will only be accessible via the attorney’s smartphone or email address could help both clients and attorneys breathe a little easier knowing there is an extra layer to access vital documentation. This becomes especially important if/when working on multiple computers that may not have the same security software.

Using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is an encrypted link between the web server and browser, can also improve legal technology privacy. A simple way for clients to recognize whether attorneys are using SSL security is that the link will usually start with “https:” instead of “http:” and/or a lock icon will show up on your browser navigation bar to notify users that they are viewing secure information. While clients do have the ability to run their own vulnerability scans to see if a website is secure enough, without both the attorney and the client using a secure site, there is still the potential for leaked information. Using a secure server can also notify attorneys of open ports or virus application threats.


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