3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Cloud Providers

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The cloud has become ubiquitous in a surprisingly short period of time.  However, most people are unaware of the differences between the public cloud and the private cloud.  It is awfully difficult to choose one type of cloud over the other when both have their own unique merits.  Do not feel bad if you have not yet mastered the nuances of the cloud.  This is a rapidly evolving technology that changes every couple years.  Here is a look at what you should consider before committing to the private or public cloud.


Understand What You are Purchasing


Take some time to to understand the difference between the private and public cloud before choosing one.  Use a private cloud and you will have a specific amount of resources available to your firm.  This approach empowers you to establish a permanent storage area for sensitive client information.  Alternatively, a public cloud allows you to tap into offline resources shared with other businesses.  Go ahead and scale your public cloud usage as necessary and you will find it is well worth the money.

Security and Compliance Concerns


Do not make a decision regarding the public or private cloud until you consider the compliance and security needs of your clients as well as client data.  From PCI DSS compliance to HIPAA and beyond, the additional security controls available through the private cloud might prove optimal for your organization.  However, if you are not overly-concerned with compliance and security, the public cloud might be best.


The public cloud presents the opportunity to access specific features as necessary at a comparably low cost.  However, the private cloud provides significantly more control, albeit at a higher price.  Consider your organization’s unique budget and growth plan before making a decision.  The cloud option you select will allow for growth while simultaneously protecting your firm’s future.


Your Cloud Decision Will Matter for Years Into the Future


Do not make a decision about the public or private cloud until you consider what your business might be like several years down the road.  The manner in which you use your data and the rate at which your business grows matter a great deal in the context of the public/private cloud decision.  Though the private cloud costs a bit more, it will ameliorate the challenges of expanding your business and storing years of client data as time progresses.  However, the public cloud might prove to be the better option if your firm serves a litany of clients and anticipates the current flow of business will continue well into the future.


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