3 Popular Law Firm Website Trends

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Technology continues to evolve and improve in a broad number of industries, from manufacturing to the legal industry. While some technological ideas are still being met with skepticism (ex. artificial intelligence lawyers, software predicting a judge’s response), others are worth attorneys taking into consideration now. Here are a few tech trends that are making waves.

Making websites accessible to the everyday user gives the client the opportunity to check out an attorney’s website anytime and anywhere. Responsive designs for attorney websites also make the site more visually friendly for the traveling client. Smartphone apps are a given for making sure websites are mobile friendly. While responsive designs may look a little different than the website would look on the website, having this option helps clients to avoid awkward maneuvers to read pages (ex. scrolling to the far right or left of each screen to read text).

Now that the site is easier to read, then comes security and storage. Cloud technology gives law firm website owners the ability to fine-tune digital costs for peak hours versus slower viewing time frames, in addition to disaster recovery. And if/when that information is accessed, having data security (ex. encryption) is helpful for the attorney and the client to make sure no confidential information reaches the wrong people, including other clients.

Because attorneys may work with a plethora of files and clients, legal record-keeping online should require some amount of analytics to be able to quickly and accurately find each client’s information (and vice versa). As previously mentioned, artificial intelligence is in its early stages. But as with automated calls and electronic auto replies, as AI continues to evolve, it may be able to also help clients and attorneys easily access vital information and be warned when there may be a security breach before it’s too late. For now though, both clients and attorneys staying abreast of security measures helps.


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