5 Reasons Your Firm Needs a Corporate Email Solution Instead of AOL, Hotmail & Yahoo

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Useful Tech Tips | 1 comment

If your current office email is AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo or Windows Live, you are doing yourself and your firm a major disservice. We see a lot of small businesses working on email addresses that are home solutions. While these free solutions are good for home use, they are not acceptable corporate solutions. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be using a professional email service.

Guarantees Email through AOL, Hotmail, and the like does not come with guarantees. Most hosted corporate email solutions have SLA’s or Service Level Agreements. These dictate the amount of average downtime that you may or may not experience using the service, and if down, the average time the service will be down for until fixed. This is a guarantee made by the provider. Here is an example of Google’s SLA for their Google Apps email cloud solution. Google Apps SLA

Power The full power of your email solution can help you organize calendars, tasks, contacts & appointments. Many free email services don’t offer you anything beyond basic email functionality let alone sharing resources with firm staff or with individuals outside the firm who you collaborate with.

Remote Connectivity With this power unlocked, you should be able to access you email from anywhere on any internet ready device. Your mail, calendar & contacts should sync wirelessly to your mobile device. You should be able to make a note or task on your phone and review it at your workstation later on that day with seamless syncing. The true power of a corporate mail system will help you organize your business like never before.

Support Legitimate hosted email providers also offer tech support, if you have an issue with AOL or MSN, good luck speaking with a human, they are notoriously horrible to contact and the support is usually not very helpful if you face real problems.

Security/Spyware/Viruses/Spam Corporate email services also have features such as spam filtering & virus/spyware monitoring. Free email services do not give you these options, and if they do, they are not that great. Nothing is worse than unintentionally giving your client a virus because your mail service does not scan outgoing mail, and they will know it came from you when they open your email and start getting pop-ups.

Rekall works with Hosted Exchange & Office 365. All the services that we work with are rock solid, we don’t sell services that are annoying to use or that are not up to our standards. I will warn you that there are more bad services out there than good. If you ever have questions regarding choosing the right  corporate email solution for your firm, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Even if we’re not reselling the product, we’ll offer our 2-cents and assist anyway we can.

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  1. Candice Wright

    I remember early on in my practice when I used to use my old AOL email. I had a ton of problem where clients used to call me when they didn’t see a response to their emails. I would have to walk my clients through finding my correspondence within their spam folders. Eventually I wound up losing a client due to this issue and I had to move to a better system. Since then, haven’t had an issue in years.


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