A Quick Look at What Tax Firms Should Understand About Technology

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The future is now.  Though we do not have flying cars or robotic servants as envisioned by sci-fi futurists, law firms and other professionals have myriad tech solutions available to make work that much easier and efficient.  If your firm is waiting for the tech of tomorrow to arrive, you will fall behind firms willing to make use of today’s tech advances. In fact, today’s tech has the potential to level the playing field between small tax firms and massive corporate firms that would otherwise dominate the market.


Today’s Tech


Your tax firm can leverage the latest tech by obtaining an understanding of what sort of solutions are available and how they have the potential to enhance business.  As an example, plenty of law firms still use tangible paper files as opposed to digital files.  If your firm has not yet made the shift to electronic files, you are wasting valuable time and resources.  It is also incredibly easy for digital documents to be altered and shared in a remarkably seamless manner.  Online document management solutions make it easier for colleagues and clients to rapidly exchange documents and keep those documents organized.  Shift to the cloud and you will be able to access important data as well as applications regardless of your location.  This fast and easy access minimizes your firm’s need for costly hardware.


It is Time to Automate


Tech has advanced to the point that digital data can be extracted from tangible paper through scan-and-fill tech.  Robotic process automation or RPA for short, clicks right on through interfaces to quickly translate data across programs.  It is possible RPA will soon eliminate the need for humans to perform data entry at law firms and other businesses.  However, it will take some time for law firms to hop onboard the automation train.  Beat the competition to the punch and you will free up your staff to solve more complex problems, press the flesh with clients and enhance your tax firm’s marketing.


Tools for Communicating With Clients


More and more communication channels open each day as technology continues to improve.  However, it is becoming more challenging for law firms to get clients’ attention when essential information must be retrieved.  As an example, it is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone unless several calls are made.  Plenty of clients and others ignore voicemails.  Make use of the latest communication platforms such as Skype for Business, Slack and Microsoft Teams and you just might find clients are more willing to interact with your firm’s representatives in a timely manner.


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