Access Your Firm Desktop Easily & Securely from Home

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Many of our traditional IT, non-cloud law firms do support office servers and an on-premise IT infrastructure. Due to this, we are often tasked with coming up with secure solutions for remote access so attorneys and paralegals can remotely work from home and on the go. The setup that we work with offers maximum security and versatility, it also works for all sized firms utilizing enterprise level firewall devices. If your firm currently does not work with an enterprise level hardware firewall, your firm is forced to used sub-par LogMeIn, Webex, & GoToMyPC solutions that lack security and put your firm data at risk.

We begin with an enterprise firewall that supports VPN or Virtual Private Network capabilities. This VPN connection from your home computer to your office creates an encrypted tunnel securing data within that tunnel. This includes keystrokes, transferred files, and application data that may travel to and from the remote server. Once the VPN is established, a remote desktop application is used by Microsoft so that the user can connect to their office desktop or server. In working with the cloud and traditional IT, we find that Microsoft’s remote desktop app is the very best application that offers a true work experience making the user feel that they are working locally at their desk. There is no lag and no problems connecting to office desktops & servers. Further, no matter how badly infected a local home device is, with this method there is no way of transferring any nasty viruses to the office over this VPN connection as long as your enterprise level firewall supports standard security protocols against Viruses, Spyware, Malware & most importantly, Ransomware.

This setup is the ultimate remote access solution for law firms who have not yet adopted cloud computing. Many attorneys we talk to always complain about the complexity or the lack of quality when remoting in to work from home. This solution fixes all of that. If your firm’s remote access is clunky, annoying, and lacks security, please feel free to give us a call.


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