Is the Accounting Industry Headed for a Future Dominated by Apps?

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There is some talk that the web is in decline.  Certain tech experts insist the web is declining in favor of comparably sleek services.  As an example, apps are exploding in popularity.  Apps are more about providing what people need and desire rather than empowering them to perform online searches as made possible by the internet.



Apps Vs. the Web


Those who tout the merits of apps insist they have a number of advantages over the internet.  Examples include offline functionality, interactive entertainment even without native flash and highly efficient monetization.  This is precisely why a growing number of accounting software makers are offering mobile apps.  In some situations, such apps are even white-labeled for accounting businesses.  Some are going as far as questioning whether accountants and the populace in general will eventually spend the majority of their time using apps as opposed to the web.



The Web Won’t Disappear


The web has actually grown and evolved quite extensively amidst all the talk of a supposed app takeover.  Today’s web pages scale their aesthetic and functions for mobile device screens as well as desktop screens.  The web also has real-time capabilities to boot.  In fact, some single-page web apps function offline.


The bottom line is those in the accounting industry and beyond who claimed the web was dying were inaccurate in their predictions.  The newly-improved web provides apps that function and look similar to mobile apps yet provide an experience that is uniform across devices.  Staff can work from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers as desired.


Web-based apps are also revered for the fact that they sure automatically updated.  There is no need to wait for your mobile apps to update.  Rather, your web apps rely on the same code used in the main application used by desktop browsers for immediate updates.



Web Apps are Comparably Secure


Web apps are more secure than the mobile variety.  If certain data is leaked, your firm will be more than embarrassed.  There could be devastating financial and legal ramifications from such a leak.  Web applications are superior in that they do not store sensitive information on the actual device.  The extra security layers guarantee the data is fully secure.  This means if a hackers electronically or physically accesses the device, there is no chance the sensitive data will be accessed.


The bottom line is mobile apps might seem tempting at first glance yet they are inferior to web-based applications.  Whether your top concern is efficiency, security or maintaining a competitive advantage, web-based apps are the better option.




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