How AI can help avoid Missing Cases

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Missing a case is nearly every litigator’s top fear.  Though most assume attorneys rarely miss cases, the truth is it happens at a fairly high frequency.  The solution to preventing this disaster is to tap into the power of artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI.


Statistics Worth Considering


A recent survey of more than 100 state and federal judges shows some pretty amazing statistics.  Nearly every judge surveyed admitted they or one of their clerks have found relevant precedents that parties prior to them overlooked.  Nearly 70 percent of the judges reported attorneys missing cases has significantly impacted the proceeding or motion outcome.  About one-quarter of the surveyed judges state they or their clerks have caught missing precedents lawyers should have cited the majority of the time.


The survey detailed above makes it clear judges think lawyers are failing to research in a thorough manner.  Though many attorneys might believe their research efforts are acceptable, the bottom line is even some of the country’s top lawyers make mistakes and miss things.  Unfortunately, these errs and omissions really can significantly impact the outcomes of cases.


How AI can Help Attorneys who Miss Cases


If the tools attorneys use to perform legal research are not established to solve the problems detailed above, it will make it that much more difficult to win cases.  This is precisely why attorneys are turning to AI and other new technologies to pinpoint and prioritize cases that are the most relevant. Ideally, litigators would cite relevant case law in legal briefs.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.  Judges are now consider implementing CARA, a breakthrough research tool that helps them and clerks rapidly identify relevant case law parties might have overlooked.  This is just one example of how AI can help serve justice.


The National Legal Research Group recently conducted a study that shows exactly how much AI can benefit lawyers, judges and others in the legal industry.  The study determined AI pinpointed nearly one-quarter more relevant legal cases and completed the research about 25% faster than lawyers relying on conventional tech for searches.


Give AI a chance at your law firm and you will likely find it helps you identify relevant legal cases, precedents and other essential information.  This is the vitally important search tool you need to remain on good terms with judges and serve your clients to the best of your ability.


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