Apple Watch Apps that Attorney’s Will Love

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While your Apple Watch might not be a total game-changer for a lawyer, it can be very helpful in a number of ways. Primarily, it allows you to disconnect from your iPhone (somewhat, anyway) in that it filters information down to a manageable level.

All you need to do is set your notifications to only deliver the most pressing and relevant information, and voila – you have effectively been able to put anything that isn’t absolutely essential on the back burner. Notifications can be tailored to be remarkably unobtrusive, so you can carry on with whatever you’re doing without being distracted.

Beyond that, there are lots of useful apps that can add to your productivity, streamline your day-to-day processes, and maybe even save you a little extra time. Here are a handful of our favorites, in no particular order:


Just Press Record – $2.99

This app allows you to record voice memos, meetings, or conversations using your Watch. These recordings can then be shared using a range of other applications, like Dropbox, or Mail, or you can send it as an attachment in an instant message. Synchs to your iCloud so that you can replay the recording on any iOS device or through a browser on your desktop.


MacID – $3.99

This app adds an extra layer of encryption to your computer by adding a second authentication step to activate your Mac or MacBook. With the help of an impossibly complex password stored within your Watch, you and you alone can turn on your computer with a single touch and without having to re-enter the password each time.


1Password – Free

1Password also heightens your security, and stores the passwords you use most often in your Watch app. This allows you to access these passwords without having to unlock your iPhone.


ETA – $2.99

If you travel to the same destinations on a regular basis (such as the office, the courthouse or local restaurants), this can be handy for figuring out how long it’s going to take you to walk or drive there. It considers current traffic conditions and predicts local transit times also, if applicable.


App in the Air – Free

Best described as a personal travel assistant, this app delivers an array of information about your travel plans. You can track your flight, view gate information, approximate security wait times, boarding times and more.

Lookout – $2.99

If you’re the kind of person who is constantly leaving their phone somewhere, this is an app for you. It notifies you when you are nearing range limits and out of range, and with one button you can ask it to “scream,” which will help you to find your phone via a loud noise. Earlier versions were a bit buggy, but they seem to be pushing out updates on a regular basis that will hopefully address these.

So if you have been wondering if there are any Apple Watch apps that would be helpful to you as an attorney, here’s a handful to check out. Hopefully these will help you on your quest to be more efficient, more productive … and less forgetful.



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