Tier 3 Data Facilities Maximize Law Firm Security

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Whatever the cloud service vendor, make sure you work with a vendor whose systems is supported by redundant tier 3 data centers, like Rekall.

When you sign up for a cloud service you should know where your data is stored. Rekall’s cloud client data is located in New Jersey & Ohio. Data center security varies which is why data facilities are ranked in 4 Tiers. It’s really simple, the higher the tier the less likely the facility will go down, and by “go down” we mean due to electrical, power, overheating or cooling issues. Also, the higher the tiered data facility the more fail-safes the facility has in place. What this means is that a Tier 3 facility’s power is redundant directly from the power company. The facility is offered dual power substations onsite giving them full power redundancy. On top of this they are also offered 72hr power outage protection in the form of diesel gasoline and generators. Tier 2 facilities only have a single source of power and a generator to support power for only 22hrs in case of an emergency.

Tier 3 facilities are often larger and support a massive amount of security including security personnel, cameras, manned checkpoints, biometric access systems, and 48hr call ahead guest access. Tier 2 facilities only need camera systems and electronic checkpoints. You can sometimes get lucky with your Tier 2 data facility as they may support advanced security that goes above and beyond their tier, but these facilities are few and far between.

Finally, Tier 3 data facilities offer a maximum of 1.6hrs downtime per year while Tier 2 data facilities offer 22hrs. This is due to the lack of redundancy on the part of Tier 2 data facilities. Rekall has partnered with two Tier 3 data facilities for these reasons as there are only a handful of Tier 3 data facilities in the United States.

Don’t work with lazy cloud hosts, demand the very best, demand a Tier 3 data facility.


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