Attorney Aid: How Adobe’s Bookmark Feature can Benefit Your Practice

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Bookmarks allow you to tag key pages within a PDF. They’re the equivalent of making yourself a handy table of contents. You can use this feature no matter how large of a document you’re working with, but we suspect you’ll find it especially useful for larger documents. We also suspect that once you start using the bookmark feature in Adobe Acrobat, it will become your good friend. It is really a great way to stay organized.

The keyboard shortcut for creating a bookmark on a Windows PC is CTRL + B. On a Mac, you’ll use CMND + B. When you use the keyboard shortcut to create a bookmark, the bookmark will appear on whatever page you are on within your document at the time of performing the shortcut. It will also preserve the level of zoom you’re using.

Chances are you will want your bookmarks to match your headers and sub-headers within a document. As long as your PDF is searchable, you can use the selection tool to select the text you want to use to create a bookmark. Then use your CTRL + B or CMND + B and your bookmark will be created from the text you have selected.


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