Attorneys Stay Fit with Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Desk: Workfit-A

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Standing desks are becoming a bit of a fad as people become more aware of the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Health experts argue that standing is better for your health than sitting is. And goodness knows with their hours, lawyers do a lot of sitting. But the thought of standing all day sounds, well…tiring.
The Ergotron WorkFit-A allows you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. This way, you can stand while you have the energy to do so but sit down when you need to rest your legs. Switch to standing again if you want to get a boost in alertness. The sit-stand flexibility comes from the fact that you merely have to pull the workstation up with you when you want to stand and pull it back down when you want to sit.

Workfit-A is the latest in a line of ergonomic desk options put out by Ergotron. This model attaches to the back of your desk. Set up is not necessarily a breeze, but shouldn’t take you more than a half hour.

Interested in trying out the Workfit-A? You’ll need just a screwdriver and a sturdy desk to attach it to. Everything else necessary for installation comes with the product.

Whether you want to invest in the Ergotron Workfit-A Platinum workstation or just want to explore similar ergonomic desk options, Rekall can help you navigate what’s out there.


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