How Attorneys Should use the Internet for Marketing

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Most attorneys are busy to the point that they do not spend much time thinking about their online marketing. Though word-of-mouth referrals are certainly important, online marketing has emerged as an important means of connecting with potential clients. Take some time to consider what others are saying about the industry, your legal niche and what clients need/desire. In short, attorneys will benefit from listening prior to “speaking” in the online realm. Once you have pinpointed prospective clients’ needs and what people are saying about your law firm, it is time to spread the word about your firm.


Use all Available Avenues


The internet creates myriad opportunities for attorneys to market their services. So don’t assume buying banner ads will suffice. Make use of social media, your website and a blog. Regularly update your blog along with your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. The online content you create should help solve client problems, improve their quality of life and leave a lasting impression. If your content proves indelible, prospective clients will keep coming back for more and refer your firm to others.


Think Before Tweeting


Every tweet should be strategic in nature. View Twitter and social media as opportunities to put your expertise on display and get your firm’s name out there. The question begs: what exactly, should attorneys tweet? Consider replicating the posting themes of other successful attorneys and premier thinkers who use social media. You can even retweet news you consider essential to your target audience. However, retweets should be accompanied by attorney comments to provide the proper context.
When in doubt, use your online presence as an opportunity to educate potential clients. Post links to new laws, cases and decisions. Break down the legalese in everyday terms laymen can understand with ease. It will also help to follow others in the legal and news industries on social media platforms. Re-tweet the best posts, continue to inform your audience and they will not hesitate to reach out to you for legal assistance down the road.


Do not be Overly Professional


A one-dimensional attorney who doesn’t show his or her soft side, a sense of humor or other human qualities will alienate potential clients. This is not to say you should post pictures of your family to Twitter or other social media platforms. Rather, you should tweet about your personal interests every now and then, whether it is music, video games, art, pop culture, etc. Show your human side and people will be more inclined to identify with you and subsequently provide you with business across posterity.


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