The Basics of a Virtual Firm

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Nowadays, more and more companies are moving toward the virtual realm. There is no reason to bother with tangible files, cabinets, drawers, paper and other obtrusive objects when tech is available as a highly efficient replacement. Moving to a truly virtual firm starts with establishing a vision.


Plan for the Future


Start out by brainstorming what you would like your virtual firm to be like upon completion. Get all of the decision makers in the room to establish a plan for your virtual transition. Take a moment to think about how nice it will be for team members to work from afar. Your team will be able to work while on-the-go, regardless of location. Plan for this cultural shift in and out of the workplace, make it known employees are liberated to work from varying locations and you will make the most of your virtual office.

When envisioning your transition to the virtual realm, consider how your team works. Some team members work best when collaborating with others while others require quiet areas for in-depth analysis. Take workplace environment needs into account when determining how to best use your team members amidst this digital shift.

If you already collaborate with others from afar with technology, a completely new system might not be necessary. In some cases, assistance with migration to the cloud with a couple enhancements here and there will suffice. Continue to establish the virtual framework you envision, do not hesitate to ask for help from the experts and you will make the most of your virtual office.


The Infrastructure


Going digital requires specific tools. The hardware, network and software required for your virtual office will change as time progresses. In general, large monitors 40 inches or larger are ideal. Use at least four monitors along with convertible tablets to allow for seamless mobile use. Wireless headsets will prove optimal for video conferences.

Your virtual office will require cloud-based software. This software is available in specific areas ranging from marketing to sales, collaboration apps, operations apps, etc. You will also need an email service provider along with a video platform that allows for the transmission of screen capture videos. When in doubt, opt for software that permits the easy automation of repetitive tasks to save your team time, energy and money.


Secure Your Virtual Environment


Secure connectivity is essential to a successful digital transition. Opt for a completgley secure solution such as Google Wifi and you will enjoy fast speed, excellent coverage and peace of mind concerning data security. Add a firewall along with malware protection and proactive monitoring to ensure complete data security as you boldly venture into the digital realm.


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