Change your Firm’s view on E-Discovery Forever

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For just about 20 years, we’ve heard e-discovery thrown around in the office, but when it actually comes time to do it, there’s a panic among your firm. We’re here to help change your mindset, and make your e-discovery needs simple and seamless. With technology only advancing, it’s time to get e-discovery organized and familiar in your office to reduce the trouble, disruption, and increased costs.


Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Consider creating a standard procedures manual in your office for all e-discovery questions.  This manual should consist of step-by-step instructions for different cases you might encounter. Having a point person in the office can help with any questions that may arise.  Store the data within one central location within the office, where any attorney can access their files with ease. Try to make this manual as detailed as possible, leaving no room for further office disruption or additional expense. Your firm’s IT Company should be able to help with any e-discovery simplification too.


Let Technology Assist you

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) can be helpful with e-discovery. Law firm specific comes in handy when trying to search for specific clients and helping your office stay organized. Many software programs allow you to search specifically within them, which will allow you to gather your data with ease. Be sure to have your firm trained to enter documents all the same way to avoid any confusion or confrontation when pulling information. You might pull more data than searched for, so there will be little savings on time reviewing what exactly you need.


Keep Everything Uniform

We can all agree that reviewing documents consumes more time than anything else. Not only is reviewing time consuming, but it’s also very costly, especially when you decide to hire an outside attorney to assist you.

Have a maximum number of reviewable documents as your standard. If your case has more than the standard to be reviewed, then bring in additional outside attorneys to help with your E-Discovery. It’s wise to have contracts with specific attorneys to be able to use them consistently, instead of hiring different attorneys every time you need help with E-Discovery. Having consistent attorney assistance will also make your work consistent.


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