Clio: Practice Management Software

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Clio gets props for being among the first practice management software programs to offer a cloud-based option, which says something for its innovation and commitment to evolving technology. More evidence of this is the fact that Clio is friendly with integrations, making it compabible with a number of other programs including Google Apps, Dropbox, Box, NetDocuments and more. Clio also synchronizes well with Google and Outlook calendars.
Clio also has an impressive user interface, which makes it intuitive and easy to use. Speaking of ease of use, Clio has an app for the iPhone and will soon release an app for Android devices.

So it’s easy to use and compatible with other programs, but what does Clio have to offer? This is a program meant to increase productivity and save you time. And who can’t benefit from that?

If you don’t already use a practice management software program, give Rekall a call. We’ll talk you through options, including Clio, to see what’s right for your needs. If you do already have a practice management software program but are interested in potentially switching to Clio, give us a call and we’ll talk you through what the setup, migration, data backup, and more might look like.


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