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When it comes to law firm practice management software, Clio is highly rated across the board, especially due to its document management features. With Clio’s pricing ranging from $39 to $125 per user per month, however, is it worth it? Let’s take an in-depth look to determine if it is suitable for your law firm.

Clio Pricing

Before we look at Clio’s suite of features, let’s examine their pricing structure. Clio is comprised of three tiers: Starter, Boutique, and Elite. As expected, the Starter tier is the most basic of the three and includes all of the essentials any law firm would need in terms of case, document, and billing management. This plan features unlimited document storage and automation, a legal calendar, and even a mobile app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

With the Boutique tier, you are allowed more freedom and customization when it comes to your billing and document management. This tier enables you to integrate third party applications into Clio, such as OneDrive and Office 365. You also receive the ability to further automate your billing and documentation processes, and can bill clients using LEDES codes, for example. Furthermore, this tier includes the ability to accept online credit card payments, allowing your firm to get paid faster and ease any collection headaches. The plan also includes everything that’s featured in the Starter tier.

Lastly, we have the Elite tier, which notably provides instant technical support and tailored live training to suit your business’ needs. Additionally, this tier includes a more advanced reporting and tasks feature. These features transform the way your business reports revenue, productivity, and fee allocation. You get additional utility in the form of being able to use time estimates to manage staff workloads. Lastly, it is worth noting that this tier includes court calendaring rules, which automatically calculates deadlines based on court civil procedure rules. Of course, this tier includes all of the features from other tiers, too.

Anyone reading who’s hesitant about Clio’s intimidating pricing and tier structure will be happy to know that Clio offers a 7-day free trial for all three tiers, no credit card required. With such a comprehensive collection of features and tools, it’s worth trying to see if your firm can benefit from this software.

Intuitiveness & Utility

At a fundamental level, Clio’s user interface and functions are extremely intuitive and easy to navigate and use, even for a novice. Creating client reports, integrating contacts from third party applications, and uploading and categorizing documents is simple. If you’re paying this much for software, you expect it to be easy to use, and Clio gets this absolutely spot on.

Clio’s Strength in Document Management

Perhaps Clio’s most useful feature comes in the form of its document automation function. Clio can make repetitive documentation, such as summons and real estate closing forms, less mind-numbing. The software can auto populate such forms with specific client information that’s already been stored within your system.

Task Templates

Repetitiveness not only comes in the form of documentation, but also client intakes and workflows. Clio’s set of features greatly reduces the feeling of one just operating off of checklists. This software allows you to create task templates that enables you to have a more practical and streamlined workflow. Rather than creating the same checklist for every single client intake, for example, task templates allow you to save such a checklist.

Clio’s App Integration

As mentioned earlier, Clio offers mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and also integrates third party applications. Apart from integrating programs such as Office 365, Clio also supports Gmail, Dropbox, Xero, Quickbooks, Fastcase, Paypal, and more. It also works with more specialized applications such as Lawdingo, atlLegal, Clitcktofile, Lexicata, and gUnify.

Clio Customer Service

It is worth mentioning that Clio has an award-winning customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Their consultants can provide tips and insights into how you can use the program for your specific business needs. If you were to splurge on Clio’s Elite tier, their live support and training features are great tools to have to maximize the results you can get out of this product.

Rely on the Cloud for Optimal Functionality

Cloud service providers can implement Clio and enable the software to function at its peak without the need for on-site servers or complicated I.T. solutions. Rekall Technologies has nearly 10 years of experience assisting law offices with cloud services and can optimize your network hassle-free. Learn more about how we can host your legal software on the cloud here.

Final Verdict

Clio’s features, tools, and integrations with third party applications make it a piece of software that truly is greater than the sum of its parts. Paired with its intuitive and easy to navigate user interface and functionality, this product is a strong contender for the best law firm software out on the market. There is a reason that Clio has been positively reviewed by law firms for the past several years. The price may be off-putting to some, but with a free trial available, it’s worth trying out.

Still want to learn more about Clio? Watch the video below to get an overview of Clio’s interface.




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