Cloud Backup Server Images Save Law Firms

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This article speaks to law firms who still have servers in the office. I won’t go off on a tangent explaining all the benefits of moving your firm to the cloud, how the cloud offers guarantees that you can’t get in your office, security, backup, endless firm growth yada, yada, yada. The truth is that we do work with many law firms in this situation, firms who have not taken the cloud plunge for one reason or another, and we have to respect their decision to stay on earth as opposed to the cloud. Due to this, we try our very best to incorporate cloud based technologies to support our earth-bound clients such as cloud image backups which are a MUST if your firm has servers in the office, here’s why.

Years ago, it was acceptable to simply backup the raw file level data on your server like, docs and pdf’s mostly. This means that if there was ever a crash or major hardware failure, you have to order new hardware, wait for it to ship which can take 1 to 2 weeks for servers and then begin the task of manually rebuilding your server and office network. Firms who subscribe to Carbonite risk this every day. It sounds like a lot of downtime because it is. These old style backups didn’t save any server settings or configurations, only raw firm data.

These days, now that people have awesomely fast internet we have the ability to backup whole server images & snapshots, carbon copies of your server in it’s entirety. The benefit of this is lower downtime overall. In the case of a server meltdown your backup can be restored to any type of hardware temporarily within your office. Secondly, since the backups are cloud based with Rekall, we can spin up your servers on our private cloud and give you access to all your firm data within minutes. The firm can work off of the temporary cloud server until new hardware is ordered and shipped. Once onsite, over a weekend, the server image is installed onto your new server hardware within hours, not days. Monday you come in to a brand new server and work as you did before.

The beauty of this setup assists to never lose firm data and cuts restoration time by 3/4 and there is almost zero downtime for the firm. When looking for a backup system for your firm don’t just consider cost per gigabyte or data retention. Try and figure out what would happen if your firm went down. What would be the process of getting back up? If that process takes more than 1hr, consider Rekall’s Cloud Image Backup service. In these modern times, downtime is really a thing of the past as long as you have the right solution in place.


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