Clues Your Law Firm’s Technology needs Updating

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Technology is changing at breakneck speed.  If your law firm were to implement all of the latest technology, you would have little money remaining to pay salaries and cover overhead expenses.  However, using decades-old technology also has the potential to sabotage your firm’s financial viability.  Strive for a balance between managing costs and upgrading your tech and your law firm will retain its competitive advantage.  Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top signs that indicate your law firm’s technology needs to be updated.


Clue #1: Employees Resort to Their own Tech Devices

Lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff who turn to their personal computing devices instead of work computers are sending a clear message that company computers are outdated.  Allowing employees to use their own computing devices is problematic for several reasons.  For one, personal devices tend to be less secure than company devices.  Furthermore, employees are likely to digress from work-related activities when using their personal devices.


Clue #2: The Lack of Automation

Law firms have more than their fair share of monotonous, time-consuming tasks.  From scheduling to transmitting emails, client billing and beyond, there are plenty of opportunities for automation.  If your firm has not yet automated such tasks, it is time to join the tech revolution.  Once these repetitive tasks are automated, your law firm staff will be liberated to focus on much more meaningful and challenging projects.


Clue #3: Client Service is Egregiously Slow

Your firm’s clients need and deserve efficient service.  If you notice it takes your team a while to serve your clients, it is a sign your tech needs updating.  Replace the old technology with comparably fast new devices and it will be that much quicker and easier to serve your clients.  In general, you should replace your firm’s computers once every half-decade to ensure fast and effective service.


Clue #4: Tech Warranties and Support Agreements are Expiring

An expired warranty or support agreement is a clear indication it is time to consider an upgrade.  Upgrade to new tech and you will enjoy the many benefits of new warranties and support agreements.  This way, if anything goes wrong, you will have the support necessary to ensure your tech investment is well worth the money.


Clue #5: Your Office is Laden With File Cabinets

Though every office will likely need at least one or two file cabinets, the majority of your firm’s information should be stored in a digital manner.  If you have not yet scanned the bulk of your data into computers, it is time to make the digital transition.  Cut down on the file cabinets and paper and your law firm employees will have that much more space to maneuver through the office without impediment.  Going digital will also facilitate the retrieval of information in a timely manner as there will no longer be a need to pull paper files from traditional file cabinets.


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