Common Rekall Cloud Questions Pt. 1

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Often when we talk to law firms they have many questions regarding Rekall Cloud and how it works. Below are some of those questions with answers that can really help to shed some light on how Rekall Cloud works and how it can benefit your firm.

Q. What is Rekall Private Cloud?

Rekall Private Cloud is a fully customized & secure cloud solution specifically built for law firms. Rekall Cloud hosts any and all software in the cloud for law firms may it be document management, time, billing & accounting, or Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft Office, basically any law firm software on the market. In this way law firms can host the software that they use daily, with zero learning curve, zero downtime, and zero need for office servers or an office IT infrastructure other than cheap desktops.


Q. What’s the difference between a Private Cloud & Public Cloud?

A private cloud creates a situation where a tech company maintains their own servers in a data center and is responsible for all traffic, up time and monitoring. A public cloud is when a tech company uses a cloud host such as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or Amazon to host their servers, basically a third party. They do not have control over the servers, cannot perform maintenance, and cannot manage the servers or tweak them for performance. They are also bound by the rules and potential issues of the cloud host. A law firm looking to the cloud should only work with a tech company who owns and manages their own private cloud in order to avoid the IT blame game when issues arise. In this way pricing is more flexible and the service is controlled by the tech company, not to mention increased security. There is no blaming of the cloud host because the tech company is in fact hosting their own cloud. We’re sure you’re familiar with the IT blame game. This does not occur with a private cloud but is rampant in when IT companies resell public cloud technologies.


Q. What kind of helpdesk support is offered by Rekall, do you offer unlimited support?

Clients have a few options when it comes to support. Firms can pay as they go, purchase pre-paid time blocks in bulk at a lower rate than the standard, or go for an unlimited support contract. Standard connectivity support is offered and included with each and every cloud proposal. This consists of support dealing with connectivity issues, printing and scanning to and from the cloud as well as setting up new cloud users. It also covers the setup of new devices you wish you connect to the cloud with, and the removal of terminated employees from the cloud.


Q. Do you provide support for PCs, local hardware, software, printers & between what hours will support be provided?

We support all hardware devices, PCs, servers, printers, and we also support specified law firm software as well. Standard support is between 8:30am & 5:30pm EST M-F. All other times are considered emergency support including holidays.


Q. How secure is Rekall Cloud?

Rekall has partnered with one of the only Tier III data centers in the country to create a fully secure & redundant private cloud solution. The Rekall data facility includes many security features that are in place to guarantee power and internet to the Rekall server farms. Internally, cloud clients are separated by hardware and software means making it impossible for cloud clients to access data from another cloud client. It is the specialized architecture that has been implemented between network hardware, enterprise firewalls and top of the line servers that secure the network from outside intrusion attempts and internal data leaks. Rekall Cloud supports the following Security…

99.995% Uptime SLA for Power & Network
Dual Grid Power Substation Redundancy
SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II Certified Compliance
Parallel Generator System w/ Diesel Fuel
Blended Internet Failover Automation
Segmented Client Data
Biometric Screening Security (Retinal Scan)
CCTV Video Surveillance
Zoned Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Zoned Dehumidifying Systems
Guarded Security Checkpoints
Data Leak Prevention Systems


Q. What kind of Ethical concerns should I have in moving my law firm to the cloud?

The most popular question about the cloud is “what if my data is intercepted between my office and the cloud.” Rekall offers free and included VPN encryption between the office and the cloud. In this way all data transferred between the two locations is Military Grade Encrypted, protecting our law firms from hackers and trolls. It is the Rekall reputation on the line if there were any data breaches. This is why we provide the very best in security to protect our cloud clients.


  1. Karen Dunn

    I wish my firm adopted something like this, remoting onto my work pc from home is brutally slow!

  2. Dan Hardwick

    Who can I contact to get a quote for your cloud?

  3. Matt Gardner Esq.

    Does Time Matters work on your cloud?

    • Ross Siroti

      Yes it does, we have many clients with Time Matters on our cloud.

  4. Matt Gardner Esq.

    What about Worldox?


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