CosmoLex Case Management Software Review

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CosmoLex is designed to be an all-in-one platform to take care of record-keeping for billing, calendars, client contact information, documents, emails and timekeeping. With minimal time to download, attorneys can set their billing rates, add time entries and create invoices. Unlike Clio, MyCase or Rocket Matter, CosmoLex offers users the opportunity to handle accounting directly in the software as opposed to being redirected to an alternate site or having to use additional software. Fans of Quickbooks may also be impressed by the ease and convenience of using CosmoLex, especially considering that other accounting management software is not always intuitive.

There are already industry critiques about the lack of training in law schools to learn how to properly use interest on lawyer trust accounts (IOLTA). In turn, this may lead to monetary errors and ethical concerns that could not only hurt the attorney’s business reputation but affect the client-attorney relationship, too. Finding software that makes accounting easier to use, more transparent and accessible in a more convenient place is a win-win.

Just add the client name, date, transaction type (ex. “deposit”), the payor, the amount, any additional notes in the Memo section and save it. Ideally these accounting duties should be submitted immediately. Importing bank statements helps CosmoLex software make sure that the amounts are consistent. There’s even a “Money Finder” option as a reminder tool to help attorneys make sure to document all billable hours.

Clients are also allowed to see confidential information on their end, too. The client portal for CosmoLex allows both parties to send and receive secure messages, send and receive documents, and be able to see bills as they are submitted. CosmoLex is a case management system to take seriously.


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