Create Your Own Fillable Forms With Adobe Acrobat

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Did you ever want to create an awesome fallible form PDF? No problem. Creating a fillable PDF form in Acrobat is easy. Using Adobe Acrobat Professional (Not Reader), open the document that you’d like to use to create a fillable form. Generally you start with a word document, convert to PDF and then work with the new PDF document adding in radio buttons and text boxes.

To start, click on the Tools menu. Then navigate to the area that says Forms. Open the sub panel and then click Create. You will then be asked whether you want to create a form from your current document. Click Yes. Confirm this once more. Once you tell Adobe to use your original document to create a form, you’ll notice that your document will be filled in with text boxes where Adobe thinks they should go, it’s an automatic process and is usually very accurate. At this point, look over your document to make sure that you actually want all of the text boxes that Adobe assumed you wanted, and delete anything you don’t want.

If text boxes weren’t placed where you needed them, you can add new fields manually. Under Tasks, select Add New Field. Then simply navigate to where you want your fields to appear and insert them. Note that the Add New Field option is a drop down. You can use this to add not only text boxes but also check-boxes and other field types.

And that’s it! Now the form can easily be filled in. This is really useful for new client forms in gathering preliminary information, also good for internal office staff forms. Much more professional and secure than sending out Word documents.


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