Crucial Law Firm IT Policies: Disaster Recovery Plan

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Superstorm Sandy woke us all up when it came to the reality of catastrophes. Lessons learned. 1) No one is immune to the possibility of disaster. 2) Disaster can come on quickly. If you didn’t have a solid disaster recovery plan prior to Sandy, hopefully you do now. If you don’t yet have a solid disaster recovery plan, we recommend that you prioritize doing so.
Floods, fires, quarantine, server meltdowns…these are all examples of disasters from which you should be prepared to recover.

The American Bar Association provides a wide range of resources to help you create an appropriate disaster recovery plan. Start by making sure you know who is in charge of what and that you have alternate methods of reaching the people you’ll need to reach. Given your geographical location and industry, consider the disasters from which you’ll be most threatened. Develop a training program to make sure that your employees are prepared to act in the face of disaster. Remember that everyone’s safety is the first priority. Getting the business back up and running comes next.

Something you can do right now is prepare a basic disaster supplies kit that includes essentials like food, water, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, can opener, and a solar-based cell phone charger. You should have a kit like this for your home, office and maybe even your car if your a security nut. You never know if a disaster will leave you stranded in the workplace.

There is so much to consider when it comes to creating an appropriate disaster recovery plan. Rekall can help you get started. We recommend that you begin by taking a look at American Bar Association’s disaster resources page, which provides a plethora of valuable information.



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