As Cyber Threats Increase, Cooperation becomes much more Important

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Cyber attacks do not seem to be slowing down.  Those who keep pace with cyber security advancements and the frequency of attacks expect such threats to continue to increase as time progresses.  The rise in attacks is partially attributable to the burgeoning information-based economy and the expanded use of the internet.  Cyber crime really is that lucrative.  These attacks cannot be completely stopped yet their ramifications can be limited through increased cooperation.


Success Against Digital Threats Starts With Cooperation

One of the best ways to learn about new online threats and stop them from causing damage is to share information.  Those who are willing to detail threats to others are doing an incredible public service.  The sharing of knowledge in regard to how to best thwart such threats also matters.  Some communities are using platforms for threat intelligence to share information, combat these digital attacks and keep important information protected.

As an example, the threat intelligence platform provided by Anomali provides community analysts with access to a number different data sources.  This information helps prevent data breaches and enriches member submissions.  Furthermore, those who cooperate in the battle against cyber threats use such platforms to submit and monitor information, remove false positives and view intelligence enriched with procedures, actors, techniques, tactics, etc.  These platforms also allow for confidence ratings on the severity and accuracy of threat data to be leveraged.  This technology also empowers people to view chained incidents to boot.  Such infrastructures allow for the consumption of threat intelligence through automated feeds from several sources for a thorough, big-picture analysis and prompt response.


There is a Time for Competition and a Time for Cooperation

Though some business owners and managers are likely wondering why they would share information with others, especially those they might compete against, most understand the overarching importance of cooperating for the greater good.  The bottom line is hardworking business owners, managers and other personnel are all in this together against hackers.  Take advantage of the information sharing platforms described above and you will be able to efficiently share information across industries as well as government.  These platforms allow for data sharing between businesses that work in the financial services, oil and gas, retail, health and utilities fields and beyond.  Sharing of pertinent threat-related information in a timely manner across industries makes it that much easier to stop those attacks in their early stages.


A Central Hub of Cyber Threat Information

Take a moment to think about how nice it would be to access a central hub of data with information pertaining to cyber threats.  This central hub provides businesses with an area to collaborate, engage with one another for the common good and keep business humming along.  Such central hubs will only grow in importance, quantity and complexity as we march into a high-tech future.  As long as such hubs continue to keep pace with digital threats, good people will always have an informative resource to access when attacks occur.


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