Cyberattacks Can be Affecting your Firm and You Might not Even Know it

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Law firms face an ever-growing number of risks with each passing day.  Cyber attacks are on the rise.  In particular, ransomware has emerged as an especially dangerous threat that has the potential to send clients fleeing to competitors.  If your law firm is not prepared for a business outage, it could take down your system for hours, days or even weeks.  It is imperative your business is able to operate when an outage occurs.


Digital Threats Loom

Cyber attacks and data breaches are by far the most significant perceived threat.  Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed regarding potential attacks and business outages report the majority of outages impact businesses beyond a week.  Technology disruption is at the forefront of the minds of law firm partners and managers.  The inability to access data and important client information is certainly inconvenient.  If such data and client information cannot be accessed with ease, it could prove devastating to your firm.  It all boils down to client service.  If your law firm cannot serve clients, your reputation will take a significant hit.


Law Firm Preparation

The good news is 9 in 10 law firms have prepared with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  More than three-quarters of such law firms have a distinct BCP in place that is distinct to IT.  Confidence in BCPs is certainly reassuring yet the responses to other questions posed during the forementioned survey negate other potential issues such as insufficient alternative location strategies and the failure to adhere to important regulations.


The Matter of Exposure

More than half of the firms surveyed kept data storage servers on-site.  This approach presents considerable vulnerabilities in case a disruption occurs.  After all, a digital attack can compromise severs.  Slightly less than three-quarters of the firms surveyed included remote working as a component of BCP.  Whether employees are working from coffee shops or home, the firm will focus on mobile communications as well as cloud solutions that create exposure to network outages and unsecured networks.  Furthermore, staff will not be able to congregate to make important decisions.


Focus on Flexibility for Enhanced Productivity

In the end, law firms of all types and sizes will face a number of inherent risks.  If there is an over-reliance on remote working and the focus is on mobile communications, firms will be exposed if network outages occur.  Firms should take advantage of office market flexibility to grow and shrink their space as necessary.  The result of this approach will be that much less costly downtime, a more productive workforce and happier clients.


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