Cybersecurity Tips Every Firm Should Implement

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A number of distinct cybersecurity threats will bring operations at law firms across the globe to a grinding halt in the final months of 2018 and beyond.  The question is whether your law firm is adequately prepared for these attacks.  We have identified the most important cyber security tips to help law firms steer clear of ransomware, phishing, malware and the other digital threats most likely to make waves across the legal industry in 2019 and beyond.



Eliminate Third Party Weak Links


If you have one or several relationships with third parties that lack digital security, your data will be at risk when linked.  Each network or software user should be properly trained to ensure your data is protected at all times.  Do some research on software vendors and partners before making a commitment.  When in doubt, do not hesitate to rely on a trusted outside group to handle the process on your behalf.



Encourage Cyber Security Prevention Efforts


Cyber security should matter to every single employee.  Once your firm has a culture of cyber security, everyone will be inclined to share digital security tips, work in unison to prevent infiltration and ultimately reduce company-wide exposure.



Review Your Security Policies With Regularity


Internal procedures, policies, guidelines and other digital security-related efforts should be reviewed, analyzed and altered as necessary.  If you suspect your current policies and efforts are still leaving your firm’s data vulnerable, make several major changes right away.  Lean on a group of specialized digital security gurus to protect your data and your team will be liberated to focus on what they do best.



IT Governance


Ensure each web-enabled computing device employees use has the latest web browser.  This is a seemingly simple action yet it really will make a big deal in the context of cyber security.  It is just one example of how IT governance can benefit multiple employees.  IT governance should steer your ship toward safety, provide employees with ongoing support and upgrades for continued protection.


Spend on Your own Team



The majority of law firms will likely end up outsourcing their digital security needs at some point in the future. However, this does not mean law firms or any other business should neglect their own employees.  Educate and train your team on cyber security matters.  A yearly cyber security review just might make the difference between costly infiltration and an employee who identifies threats with ease.  Do not let one of your team members put everything you have worked so hard for at risk.  Spend the little bit required to keep your team up-to-date on cyber security and it will pay dividends in the years to come.




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