DocketHero to the Rescue!

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DocketHero is the new app that allows lawyers to hire appearance counsel, couriers, law clerks, transcriptionist, and more.
The idea, according to lawyerist.com, is that “when you need something done, you can just pull out your phone, look up service providers in your area, and hire a ‘hero’.”

While DocketHero is original in that it’s geared exclusively toward lawyers, the concept is not brand new. Perhaps you’ve heard of TaskRabbit, Elance, or oDesk? The idea is the same. Find resources quickly and easily through an easy-to-navigate freelance site.

DocketHero might prove to be a busy lawyer’s dream come true. But since it’s brand new, it’s hard to comment on the quality of the resources provided through the site.

Rekall recommends taking a look and deciding for yourself. You never know when you’ll need a quick helping hand.


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