Dragon Dictation Vs. Typing

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We’d like to share with you why we like Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software, and why your attorneys should be using it. If you’re not a fast typist, make a lot of keyboard errors, or your a better communicator in speech than in writing, dictation might be the best way to get your point across more clearly on paper. Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 makes a strong case for sticking with dictation. There is a learning curve but the legal version of Dragon recognizes citation forms. Dragon can even word-scan your documents and emails to get a sense of your style and vocabulary, allowing for the creation of easily produced documents that are done totally by dictation. The key is to correct your dictation with the dictation software, not with the keyboard, that’s how the software learns. Your never going to get away from mice and keyboards, we’re just saying to give Dragon a shot. It works for many of our lawyers and it can work for you as well. Couple a solid dictation program like this with a decent microphone and you might be on to something that will free you from all that typing giving you the ability to simplify your writing and dictation processes. Below are some quick updates to Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5.

Includes an improved user-interface featuring a floating sidebar, allowing for clean program navigation
Supports Microsoft Office 2013
Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome
Includes enhanced functionality through Rich Internet Application (RIA) extensions for Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. These RIA extensions allow for full text control, simple commands, and more
Runs cleanly on Windows 8


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