Dropbox’s Features in a Nutshell

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Dropbox is rumored to still be the most popular online file storage option. Perhaps this is for good reason?
You’ve heard the word plenty, but what exactly is Dropbox? Their website sums it up best: “Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.” Of course that’s quite a simplification, but you get the gist. Dropbox really is easy to use and that’s probably why so many firms are still using it to organize their documents. All you need is a Dropbox account and then you can install Dropbox onto your computer. Then, any files you put into your Dropbox folder will be stored to the cloud and to any other computers or devices on which you have Dropbox installed. What’s cool about that is that all of your computers, etc. will have the same up to date files on them since synchronization is automatic. And previous versions are saved by default.

If you’re on a PC, you’ll have a My Dropbox folder in you’re my Documents area. On a Mac, Dropbox will be found in your home directory. Dropbox also has mobile apps for many devices including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and more.

For just an extra $39/year, the Packrat add-on will do just what it sounds like. It’ll allow you to keep everything you store in Dropbox as opposed to multiple drafts for just 30 days, which is the standard default option.

5 GB is the default storage you’ll get with a Dropbox account. But if that doesn’t meet your needs, for $8.25 per month (at the time of this writing), you can have up to 100 GB of storage. Prices scale accordingly for up to 500 GB of storage. Business plans are billed according to the number of users as opposed to the amount of storage. The most affordable business plan is $795 per year for up to five users. Each additional license costs $125 per year.

Dropbox is really just one online storage option. Rekall can help you explore Dropbox more fully and consider some of its alternatives.


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