Easy Document Management with Worldox GX3 Cloud

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ou’d have to be hibernating to not have noticed that much of today’s software is now cloud-based. Even Microsoft Office (via Office 365) is accessible through the cloud. Why is this? Gone are the days when you need to use install discs to install your software (well not entirely, but we’re getting there). Why worry about manual installation or even downloading software updates when that can all be taken care of for you via the web? Cloud-based software lives on the internet instead of on your hard drive. This means that all information that you enter into the cloud-based program is accessible to you from wherever you get online. Think Gmail.
Worldox GX3 Cloud by World Software does not require an initial purchase of hardware or software. Instead, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee. Each document stored via Worldox is identified with a unique number and profile containing the file name, client, matter, document type (such as agreement, memo, brief, etc.), author, and typist. Searchable comments and fields can also be added. Even emails can be stored. Thanks to the cloud, you’ll have access to Worldox from any machine, so managing your documents becomes efficient. Because of all the information saved about each document, errors are reduced. You can even download the Worldox iPad app.

Cloud-based software does tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional software. However, you won’t have to pay a large sum up front and you don’t have to maintain your servers. Add to this the ease of use and accessibility, and we feel that cloud-based options are worth it, hands down.


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