Educated Attorney: Download Videos From YouTube For Law Firms

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In the olden day people just recorded important events like weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Due to the advent of the camera phone, we now record everything from drunken nights out to our pets snoring in their sleep. People often put these videos up so the public can view them on sites like YouTube. Often times our law firms require YouTube video footage to be downloaded in order to build their cases. In fact, we have been performing this task for our law firms for a while now, and I wanted to share a great online tool with you so that you would be able to do this yourself, saving some money on IT having to do this for you.

The site, www.keepvid.com is totally free and easy to use. It’s a very simple site that lets you download YouTube video just by using the video URL. It even gives you a video format download option. Here’s how to use it.


Step 1 – Find Your Video

Find a video on YouTube that you want to download. Highlight the URL at the top of the browser and right-click the highlighted URL, then (left) click Copy.


Step 2 – Input Your Video’s URL

Right-click and paste the URL into the text box on the KeepVid.com website and click download. Pay no attention to the buttons below the text box, they are advertisements.


Step 3 – Download Your Video

Once you paste your URL and hit the Download button, a few Java prompts will display, just hit OK, Allow, Run, whatever they ask to get to the next step. At this point you will see a bunch of colorful download links with different video qualities, file sizes and video formats. I usually go for the MP4 because it’s much more supported when compared to the other download options. With MP4 you will not have any trouble viewing the video after the download. Keep in mind that you alwasy have the option to download the MP3 format if you only need audio from the video. Simply click on the Download MP4 link, and your done. Also, pay no attention to the colorful download links on the right side, they are advertisements.



At this point, you should be able to view your video using Windows Media Player without any issues. If you have any further issues with this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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