Educated Attorney: Is Your IT Company Good Enough To Support Your Law Firm?

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There are so many IT companies out there that it can be confusing when looking to make a decision on who to work with. I find that people get IT companies through friends as a referral which is great, but leaves one question, how do you know that your friend’s standards of service are equal to yours? Below, we’ve put together a very quick survey so that you can essentially audit your current IT services and grade your support. You’ll get the idea very quickly through our questions & your answers whether your I.T. company is providing adequate support. Keep in mind that we’ll be bringing up some points that you might not have thought about. A lot of the solutions we’ll be questioning about are more affordable than you think.


1. I was able to work either partially or fully the week after Hurricane Sandy.


2. When I call support, someone almost always picks up the phone, I never wait for support.


3. When I need onsite support, a tech is onsite in a timely manner.


4. I can access my firm documents from anywhere in the world!


5. My IT company bills fairly and often doesn’t charge for small issues, just because.


6. If there is no power in my office, I can work from home without any issues.


7. My IT company has thoroughly explained the security & cost benefits of Cloud solutions for my firm.


8. My IT company is fully insured and has a Tax ID.


9. My firm data is automatically backed up offsite, on a daily basis.


10. My office has never suffered any major downtime, over a few hours.


We hope you get the idea behind the kind of support you can get when compared to the support you currently receive. Please keep in mind that great support and tech solutions should not break the bank. Good IT solutions are proactive to future issues. Don’t accept reactive solutions after problems occur. If you find that your I.T. company offer inadequate solutions or services to your firm, please give us a call.


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