Educated Attorney: Rekall Offers Free Ethics CLE Course

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Many people said it couldn’t be done, but we have done it. We now offer a free 1.5 ethics credit online webinar (Register Here). After our first CLE course, we spoke with our clients and asked them how they liked it. While many appreciated the law firm technology info, most mentioned how hard it was to find good courses offering CLE credit for Ethics. We took this information and went back to the drawing board in an attempted to find a relationship between ethics and law firm technologies. It soon became apparent to us that there are ethical and less ethical technologies when dealing specifically with client data and confidential information.

At this point we brainstormed a bit and thought about all the adequate and inadequate technologies that we have worked with through the years. We focused on how they affect attorneys and their clients, and the risks in using certain technologies for both parties. What we came up with is an easy to understand breakdown of law firm technologies. We explain the top technologies and the reasons why they are top for law firms. We also talk about  less than perfect technologies that many firms work with today, with a detailed explanation on why they may be less than perfect, and may put your client data at risk.

It’s important to understand that if you find that you are currently using some less than perfect technologies once you take this course, don’t freak out. While all the technologies vary in acceptability for our standards, they will all (for the most part) get the job done for you. Our philosophy is to work with law firms and perfect their technology systems to be minimally maintained. There are technologies that need a lot of TLC and there are some that need minimal TLC. We like the once with minimal TLC, it tends to account for lower IT bills, giving the client a much better service experience.


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