Educated Attorney Software Review: Total Attorneys

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Total Attorneys is cloud-based firm management software tailoring toward small firms and solo practices as well as the attorney who wishes to stay in contact with client info and firm documents at all times. They specialize in small and solo practice firms and they charge only $1 per month per user which is extremely cheap, and from what we have seen, the price is not changing anytime soon. They rely on client purchase upgrades as their main source on income, not monthly fees like most cloud based practice management software companies do. An example of this is that their standard package does not encompass payment processing which is available through an upgrade @ $35/month for the entire firm. They also offer other services such as 24/7 virtual receptionist, legal research and document preparation, custom website design and law firm marketing and leads generation just to name a few. They offer these solutions so that small firms have the ability to work as larger ones do.

As far as the software it’s relatively straight forward, anyone can really pick it up and start working. If you need some hand-holding, be prepared for less then average training, it’s hard to find on the website, I would give them a call and ask for some support which is grade A. As we mentioned before, Total Attorneys is a cloud based application which means that it operates through your internet browser and transmissions are highly secure as they should be with any cloud solution. Within the application you have options across the top navigation bar for matters, billing, clients, calendar and documents. There are easy built-in time tracking options complete with stop-watch. Time tracking is as easy as entering a time entry within their time breakdown page. A big plus is the ability to sync your Google, Outlook & iCal  calendars with Total Attorneys so that all changes on either side are reflected and identical. This is great when changing calendar items on the go and having the changes show up in the office within Total Attorneys as well as your mobile device.

Total Attorneys also offers unlimited document storage space. To add documents, simply drag them to your case within the Total Attorneys window. There is also no limit to file types that can be uploaded. Doc, PDF, mp3, jpeg, all file types are supported. One thing that is pretty cool is that they’re currently working on integrating with dropbox and box.com. These applications sync your data on multiple PC’s and mobile devices for accessibility ease. One can easily see the benefits of this new integration. It’s really nice to see Total Attorneys working with more popular free applications like dropbox. Unfortunately Total Attorneys does not offer any document assembly features but they are currently working on that, but as an added bonus, there are currently iPhone & iPad apps. With these apps you can manage your firm documents and client information on the go, away from the office which is very useful.


Final Thoughts…

Total Attorneys is a great solution for very small or solo practice firms. The interface is nice and polished, and their support is EXCELLENT. On top of all that, they are embracing the times with Apple apps, integrating with popular software as well as calendar integration. You want to see a company doing this. This means that they are aware of the technology surrounding them and wich to become a part of it instead of reinventing the wheel, major plus in my book. To go even further, you can’t beat their price at $1/month/user. I say give them a call if your looking to organize your firm information and client data. It’s another good solution out there besides Clio, MyCase & Rocket Matter.


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