Educated Attorney: Worldox GX3 Cloud Review

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While Worldox is a server based document management system for law firms, Worldox GX3 Cloud is a server-less cloud based alternative. Technology is great and with cloud based versions of popular law firm software popping up everywhere it means that firms can save on high infrastructure costs and IT. Installation is simple, a small client is downloaded and installed on each PC and is linked to the firm worldox account. This tiny client gives each user access to firm data in the cloud and the interface is virtually identical to GX3. All standard functionality is the same. If you go to save a word document, the Worldox windows comes up just like in the standard version. This is the same for sending an email within Outlook, opening a PDF and many more. They tried very hard to create an identical interface to lower the learning curve. Since this is a cloud based application all your firm data is located in the cloud which means lower backup costs, and increased firm data security as data is replicated across Worldox server farms. There is even iPad connectivity to view and edit documents in the cloud.


Worldox GX3 Cloud is $55/user per month and a one time setup fee of $200. If you want an advanced setup you have to hire a consultant. Accessing documents from iPad will also be an additional fee. At $55/user this covers 3GB per user and an extra $2/GB each month. Our Worldox law firm with 20 users and 250GB of data would roughly pay $1,400/month for this cloud based application.

In my experience I have seen their first generation “cloud” solution and it was nothing more than your entire infrastructure on a large terminal server giving everyone the ability to remote in and work. The problem was that this setup was VERY expensive, maybe 2 1/2 times the price of this new cloud solution. The other issue was the speed and I worry about this with larger firms. Within the Worldox GX3 interface there’s a signal strength meter much like a cell phone. If your signal is low or your internet is slow, the ability to move through documents one by one will most definitely slow as well, bottle-necking your productivity. We currently have a client who is interested in this product who also has no patience for any degradation of productivity within the office. While this product seems to have a low learning curve, have excellent support and affordable, I worry about bandwidth issues and possible productivity killers.


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