eFax Systems and the Future of your Firm

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Still using a dinosaur fax machine in your office? Make the move to eFax services. Many businesses have left these old gigantic machines in the past and have chosen faster, easier methods of receiving documents such as email, or even eFax. It’s time to make 2018 the year of technology advances for your firm, and drop the fax machine. Not only will you save on supplies, space, and maintenance, but you’ll receive documents faster, clearer, and in a more organized fashion.

The only positive about having a fax machine in your office is that there is no shot that your fax machine is going to be hacked. Documents can be sent via a phone line uninterrupted and delivered to your chosen recipient. These documents take what feels like forever to send and tend to be difficult to read once transmitted.


eFax Pros

Businesses that have dropped fax machines in their offices have moved to eFax systems. This innovative technology no longer ties up phone lines (if you only have one line between telephone and fax), multiple faxes can be received at once, and it’s as simple as sending an email, instead of standing by a fax, figuring out the number to send your documents to, and standing by hoping to get a received receipt.

As long as you’re with a safe and secure IT/Cloud company, there is a very minimal chance that your documents can be compromised, hacked, or encrypted. These faxes are delivered directly to your email inbox, just as any other message may appear. They’ll arrive in PDF format, too.


How to Part with your Bulky Machine

The nice part about the eFax is that it’s strictly software based, and there isn’t any additional machinery for your office. Notifications can be set and customized to your needs, allowing you to receive all faxes directly into your email, never having to stand and wait by the fax again. Work with your IT company to make sure all connections are encrypted and secure if you’re making the move to an eFax system.


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