Embracing Cloud-Based Technology

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More and more we’re hearing about cloud-based technology. If you haven’t yet adopted web-based applications, we recommend that you do because this technology is here to stay.
Web-based practice management systems are popular, but some have limitations. Some programs will only allow you to manage your client data and case data online without giving you access to email, documents, or anything else that you might need when you’re outside of the office. Not all cloud solutions are created equally.

New, all-in-one solutions will allow you to manage all facets of your practice from the web. This prevents the need for multiple hosted applications. This route will also save you money because it eliminates the need for maintaining servers, purchasing costly software upgrades, and more.

When investigating in hosted solutions for your business, Rekall recommends ensuring your solution includes not only practice management software but also Microsoft Office and the option to add additional software as you decide you need it. By way of security, make sure the hosting company you select offers SAS 70 Type II certification; virtual security that monitors invalid logins, provides firewalls and data encryption; continuous power in the face of power outages; a controlled HVAC environment; and physical security in the form or video surveillance, etc. Speak to your software vendors and make sure your getting what you want. Don’t get stuck with a piece of expensive software. This is for your firm, do the research and ask around.


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