Essential Personal Scanners for a Paperless Law Firm

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So you’re ready to leave the piles of paper behind, are you? How do you get started?
Consideration #1: Invest in a Reliable Document Scanner.

Lawyerist.com recommends one of the following:

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX500 retails for about $450 on Amazon but is also rated as the #1 scanner for both PCs and Macs on Amazon. At the time of this publication, there are almost 800 (out of 951) five-star reviews for the product and not many 1 or 2 star reviews. With the price, you get a copy of Acrobat X Standard for Windows, which retails for $300 by itself and gives you almost all the features of Pro which is a steal! This scanner is compact and efficient. It boasts a scanning speed of 25 pages per minute – in color! The ScanSnap, as the name suggests, really makes scanning a breeze. It can scan two sided documents and can connect to PCs and Macs wirelessly or with a USB cable.

Xerox Mobile Scanner retails for about $180 on Amazon. This one is compact and efficient. If you need a portable scanner, this is the one to go with. Requiring no cords or cables, the Xerox Mobile Scanner allows you to store up to 4GB of information on a portable Eye-Fi card. You can also send files wirelessly to a nearby smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Xerox Mobile Scanner is, as the name suggests, mobile device compatible. It also features a rechargeable battery that can scan over 300 times before recharge is required.

Kodak’s ScanMate i940, which retails for about $200 on Amazon, can scan up to 20 pages per minute in black and white. It’s quick, basic, and easy to use. It doesn’t offer anywhere near the number of features as the ScanSnap, but if you want something basic that won’t let you down for half the price, this is definitely a good option to consider.


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