Every Attorney Needs These 5 Mobile Device Apps

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Mobile devices are basically mini computers enhanced by a vast amount of applications. The apps we’re talking about today offer attorneys a specific advantage to their industry. They increase productivity and offer abilities you otherwise would not have while on the go. If your interested in downloading these apps simply go to the Apple store or Google Play Store if your an Android user.


Skype | Skype is a great tool for video chatting between Windows & Apple platforms as well as a quick and easy chat program that attorneys can utilize on the go. It’s quicker than email, more formal than text and when connected between an attorney and their admin quick communication becomes effortless. You can even send photos and documents quickly and see if your contacts are online, offline or idle. Law firms with Skype have an edge and the ones that deploy Skype Business have an even greater edge with more control features and communication options. Every attorney and attorney admin needs Skype on their phone and their desktop. Best of all, Skype standard is free.


WordPerfect Viewer | If your a law firm still using WordPerfect, than this app is for you. We live in a Microsoft world. Sometimes when WordPerfect documents are sent, the formatting is off when viewing them on your Apple or Android device. This is why you need WordPerfect viewer. With this viewer, formatting is spot on as originally intended making it easy to view and read WordPerfect documents on the go.


Outlook | Both Android & Apple devices have a default email app but we have found that the Outlook application is a bit superior, especially for firms using Microsoft Exchange. The way emails are viewed within the Outlook app is cleaner and more organized. The Outlook app even connects to other important applications like dropbox when saving file attachments. One thing that we noticed that that the default view should be turned off. It’s a setting where Outlook tries to organize your email by priority. We found that turning this off and getting back the typical organization by time and date was much more normal looking. The Outlook app also offers advanced signature options that Apple & Android do not offer as well as a ton more features. The look and feel altogether is what makes people use this app over their branded provider default mail apps. Give it a try, it’s free.


Tiny Scanner | This app is awesome to say the least. How many times have you been in a situation where you want to get a physical document to someone but your either out, or home without a scanner. Tiny Scanner to the rescue! Tiny Scanner turns your phone into a scanner. Tiny Scanner works with the camera in your phone to produce high resolution scanned documents. When your scan is complete, your default mail app opens with the scanned document imported as an attachment. Simply type in an email, subject, and body, and send a scanned version of your physical document to whomever you wish. It’s that easy and works that well. Give it a try.


Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) | Dictamus is a dictation app. Open the application and dictate, once saved you can choose to email this audio file to whomever you wish. This can be useful for reminders, dictating billing for transcription, and quick requests on the go when there is no time to type an email. Many of our attorneys love Dictamus.



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  1. Anne Lanphar

    Very informative. I was not aware of these apps. Thanks.


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