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Take a moment to think back to all those instances in which you were frustrated or at least annoyed when attempting to add a paragraph symbol or section to a motion, brief or email.  Shortcut keys for such symbols were available in the past yet these shortcuts do not always function in email.  Furthermore, IT upgrades remove such shortcut keys.  LegalBoard is the answer to this problem.


About LegalBoard

LegalBoard is best described as a computer keyboard that has its keys programmed for the functionality and symbols regularly used in daily legal work.  Regardless of whether you are in a private practice or an in-house attorney, you will find LegalBoard preserves your free time and empowers you to work without interruption.  Symbols, comments, footnotes and legal citations can be inserted with ease thanks to this breakthrough creation.  LegalBoard provides keys that automatically input party names for maximum efficiency.

If you are intimidated by the description of LegalBoard as detailed above, don’t fret!  Think of LegalBoard as a normal keyboard with pre-programmed keys that function with every type of Microsoft Windows product, whether it is Outlook, Word or another program.  LegalBoard functions with web-based systems and Microsoft products installed in a traditional manner.  Unlike traditional shortcut keys, there is no need to reprogram for multiple programs.  Nor is it necessary to reprogram when an upgrade is available.  All you have to do is plug the keyboard in a USB drive.


How to use Legal Board

Using LegalBoard is easier than most assume.  LegalBoard provides keys for paragraph and section symbols.  LegalBoard lets attorneys and legal support staff use keys to add footnotes and comments.  Simply press the Shift button along with the comment or footnote key and you will be able to move from the comment or footnote back to the position within the text in a seamless manner.  Such functionality is more important than most initially assume.  Consider a situation in which you would like to place a bullet or alter line spacing.  Use LegalBoard and you will be able to turn track changes on/off by hitting one key.


LegalBoard Shortcuts

The masterminds behind LegalBoard prudently positioned shortcuts where the function (F) keys are typically placed on a traditional keyboard.  Furthermore, shortcuts are placed in the number pad.  The positioning of shortcuts in the number pad is important as most professionals use this section of the keyboard with considerable frequency.  The number pad will still function even when the keyboard’s legal mode is not on.  Legal keys range from bold to italics, comment, bullet, line spacing, paragraph, section, underline, small caps symbols and beyond.


Every Law Office Should Have LegalBoard Technology

Give LegalBoard a try and you will find the improved accessibility with direct keystroke cuts drastically reduces the time necessary to create documents.  Those who use LegalBoard find an in-depth process is no longer necessary to pinpoint and place a symbol.  Furthermore, LegalBoard allows for uninterrupted work as the user’s thought process is not interrupted.  The end result is a much more focused and efficient.


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