Fees, Expenses and Invoicing

  • Other than as set forth in Section 7, Client agrees to pay Rekall the fees and other compensation, including Monthly Recurring Charges (“MRC”) in the event Client subscribes to Services that include such charges, as set forth in the applicable Exhibits.


  • Billable time includes but is not limited to travel time to Client’s place of business, onsite work, work performed remotely or offsite, and work provided over the telephone. Billable time also includes potentially non-productive or non-interactive time, such as waiting for installations, downloads, repairs, updates, or any other non-interactive process. Client acknowledges that onsite support will result in a travel charge.


  • Client also agrees to pay any excise, sales, use, intangibles, property or other taxes resulting from or based upon charges or Services rendered by Rekall pursuant to this Agreement. Rekall will invoice Client for any taxes payable by Client that are required to be collected by Rekall pursuant to any applicable law, rule, regulation or other requirement of law.


  • All charges, rate classifications and minimum hours specified in this Agreement or the Exhibits are subject to change by Rekall upon thirty (30) days’ notice to Client.


  • All applicable fees, charges, and expenses, as specified in this Agreement or the Exhibits, will be invoiced monthly and are due and payable in full within thirty (30) days of the date of each invoice. Finance charges in the amount of 5% of the total amount overdue or $35.00 (whichever is greater) will be assessed for invoices that are thirty (45) days past due. Such charges will be processed on the fifth (1st) of each month, and appended to the regular invoice for that billing cycle.


  • Invoices that remain unpaid past 90 days will be turned over to Rekall’s Collections and Legal Department. Client will be responsible for any and all accrued finance charges, collection costs and legal fees incurred by Rekall during the collection process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of an unpaid balance that is more than 90 days past due, CLIENT CONSENTS that Rekall may electronically process Client’s entire balance due via any credit card or checking account information that Rekall has on file.


  • A handling fee of $45.00 will be applied for any checks from Client to Rekall that are returned by Client’s banking institution. A handling fee of $45.00 will be applied if credit card information supplied by Client to Rekall is declined.


  • Client agrees to pay Rekall for Service at the monthly rates defined above, based upon the Rekall plan and Add-Ons/Upgrades that Client selects. Client understands that costs associated with INSTALLATION & SETUP are estimated unless otherwise labelled FLAT, and that actual costs may vary based upon actual billable hours. Monthly services offered by Rekall including but not limited to unlimited support plans, Rekall Cloud plans, backup & disaster recovery services, Rekall Cloud storage, vCPU, RAM, and other Rekall Cloud resource costs, as well as security services are subject to a 2.97% annual increase. At no other time will services costs be increased excluding third party services not offered by Rekall, thusly not affected by Rekall Service annual percentage increases.


  • The Client maintains responsibility to reach out to the Rekall helpdesk when hiring new users that will be utilizing Rekall services and understands that with additional services/users/devices The Client may incur addition service costs. The Client also maintains responsibility to reach out to the Rekall Helpdesk when terminating employees or removing employees from Rekall services including but not limited to support plans and Rekall Cloud Licensing. Service licensing updates for user changes must be submitted by the 9th of each month to avoid superfluous user service charges.


  • Client’s who opt to pay Rekall invoices by check are permitted to do so, yet credit card payments are preferred. Client’s who pay Rekall invoices by check who show lateness for a single payment will be required to offer a credit card for future payments.