Follow These Tips to Improve Your Law Firm

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Every law firm has room for improvement.  Whether your team can benefit from better client vetting, improved billing practices or something as simple as new office equipment, there is always something to work on.  The best law firms have mastered a careful balance between using high-tech machines for optimal efficiency and outsourcing work as appropriate.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will make your law firm that much better.



Mind Each Step of Client Intake


Client intake is comprised of several steps.  It all starts with the first connection.  You segue to a consultation, move toward the signing of an engagement letter and so on.  The subtleties of each interaction along the way are essential for securing clients and bringing them on board in a seamless manner.



Be Smart With Your E-discovery Approach


Take a moment to think about the amount of time, money and effort you invest in e-discovery.  If you streamline the e-discovery process, you will be able to deeply analyze documents and pinpoint exactly what you need as efficiently as possible.  Furthermore, streamlining your e-discovery processes will minimize errors and oversights.



Every Law Firm can Enhance Its Billings and Collections


Law firms of all types have to deal with clients who underpay or simply do not pay at all.  Automate your law firm’s billing and your staff will be liberated to focus on other responsibilities.  Regularly send bills so clients are consistently reminded they are indebted for your legal services.  Be persistent and a substantial portion of these outstanding debts will be pain in part or in full.



Consider Outsourcing


In some cases, it makes more sense to let the outside specialists handle work your team either does not want to do or is incapable of doing. The best part of outsourcing is you do not have to make a commitment in terms of salaries, benefits, amount of work and so on.



Perfect Your Legal Research Sleuthing Skills


Every attorney knows legal research has the potential to chew up egregious amounts of time.  Attorneys should not have to perform all of the necessary research on their own.  Support staff such as a paralegal with an ABA-approved paralegal certificate will prove more than capable of conducting accurate legal research.



Focus the aim of Your Marketing Efforts


There is the potential for law firm marketing to be spread across an array of channels and ultimately make little impact.  The better approach is to establish a strategy in which marketing dollars and efforts are narrowly focused to reach the target audience as efficiently as possible.  Always remember a jack of all trades is a master of none.  Figure out where your target audience is most likely to be, gear your advertising toward those channels and you will gradually build a client base.




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