Freshbooks: Your Billing and Timekeeping Friend

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Freshbooks has been around for a few years now and it has successfully withstood the test of time.
Timekeeping with Freshbooks is simple. Using the software, you’ll set up clients and then set up projects for each of your clients. You can bill based on specific project rates, rates that vary based on type of task, or by default rates. The software even offers a pop-up timer for easy time tracking.

Billing with Freshbooks is just as easy as using it to keep time. Freshbooks makes sending invoices invoices by email a cinch. Without loggin in, your client click a link to see their invoice. If you use Paypal for collecting payment, you can link your PayPal account to Freshbooks.

In addition to being simple to use for timekeeping and billing, Freshbooks makes collaboration on projects easy too. Contractors and even clients can login to access Freshbooks projects while the security of your data is maintained. Collaborative access means that all your information is kept in a handy central location and you don’t have to translate and merge multiple timekeeping documents at the end of a project.

As if easy timekeeping, billing, and collaboration aren’t enough, Freshbooks is also available on mobile devices. Apps are available for iOS as well as Android.

For more information about Freshbooks, including pricing, contact Rekall.


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