Google Voice; is it right for your Firm?

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Many of our clients use alternate phone applications, and we’re so happy to announce that Google Voice has finally released an update.  With this update, users are now able to send and receive photo messages and group chats. Unfortunately, you can’t send video, but most people aren’t using Google Voice for its video features anyway.


Upon opening the app, you’ll notice that it has a very sleek and modern look, trying to keep with the Google streamlined theme. Everything is broken down by texts, phone calls, voicemail, and recordings. The app can be redundant, since the three bars and the three dots open the exact same programs.


The app seems to be missing the ability to schedule when calls should and should not come through. You can access a similar feature, “Do Not Disturb” is located under the Settings tab. the “Do Not Disturb” setting can be used when you’re in court, in meetings, or if you’d like, with family on a weekend. Google will discontinue features that they are noticing aren’t being used, so if you are attached to anything specific, be sure to use them as much as possible.


Another nice feature of Google Voice is the ability to have multiple phones ring at the same time. For instance, your house phone, office phone, and cell phone can all be configured together to ring on the same number. When you’re on a call, you can also transfer it to any of the other phones configured to Google Voice. The account will cost you a one-time fee of $10 for you to transfer any existing phone number to the app. If you don’t wish to have your private number transferred over, Google will provide you with an available number. They may not have the exact area codes that you’d like (for instance, they don’t have any number with a 212 area code), but the have phone numbers that cover that geographic region. Consider using Google Voice for your firm, especially if you’re on the go. It’s easier to give out one office number instead of your cell phone, home phone, and office line.


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