Have The Courage to Change Your Law Firm

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Sometimes change in a work environment is a much-needed result of things that used to work before, but now don’t. Or, maybe there is a work culture where attorneys are just going with the Joneses because that’s what has always been done. Change management is an opportunity for attorneys to brainstorm with each other to come up with innovative ideas to make the firm work smarter, faster and with more value.

Before making any significant changes, feedback is necessary. While it may be easy to believe that certain things at your firm are not working effectively, there is the possibility that some attorneys just may not know how to properly use them. From record keeping to computer software to administrative processes, listen to team members who are passionate about keeping things just the way they are as much as those who want change. It is possible that the changes needed may be in the process as opposed to the actual product.

If/when certain changes need to be made, have thorough documentation laid out for why this product or process needs to change and what are all the factors that need to change within it. For example, if computer software needs to be updated to protect client information, why should you consider the cloud? What are the benefits of two-step verification? Will an unlimited support IT package really increase firm productivity? In all, what are those new upgrades supposed to accomplish?

From the smallest to the most detailed of work procedures, be able to explain to clients why a work system is in place other than saying something as common as “it’s always been this way.” And before making any lasting changes, be sure to get feedback from other attorneys who are currently utilizing these processes, ask for references. This may help your firm avoid the same pitfalls that others have already made.


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