Need Help Hiring Onsite IT Helpdesk Personnel?

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Hiring can be tough, resumes don’t always tell the truth while hiring agencies can be a pain to deal with. Often times our larger Cloud and IT clients, over 60 users, will have on-staff IT support who can handle simple day to day support issues while Rekall does the heavy lifting on server and infrastructure support. Hiring the right person for this position can be tricky. You don’t need an IT god to handle simple support, but you do need someone who can handle support tasks without fail. Here’s a few tips to consider when hiring a low level support technician for your firm.

Helpdesk Experience Counts  Your support tech needs to know how a helpdesk works. If they have helpdesk experience that means they at least know the basics when it comes to supporting people in general. Keep in mind that we support the onsite helpdesk technicians for our clients, so we look for at least 6 months experience in a helpdesk situation. If your helpdesk technician will not have the same type of backup support, look for at least 2yrs helpdesk experience.

Education Matters  Rekall hires people with work experience or a degree from a technical or trade school. We find that trade schools better equip technicians for their IT future more-so than a standard 4-year University. Trade schools give their students hands-on knowledge and work opportunities to intern and get real world experience. Look for a candidate with a trade school education over a University.

Craigslist is Your Friend  Every good technician that Rekall has ever hired has been from craigslist. Craigslist give you total control over your hiring process, more-so than a hiring agency that just sends warm bodies. You will definitely get people who apply for your position with no technical experience, but as long as you take the time to sift through the applicants you will most likely find good people as we always have.

Pay  If your looking to hire an entry level technician to handle simple technical support, here in New Jersey, $30k – $40k annually is a standard salary depending on experience. This person should hardly touch your servers unless they are setting up a new user and this may be with supervision for the first few months.


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