How are Rekall Services Different Than Standard IT Company Services?

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Due to the fact that we work with law firms, our services have to be compliant in many ways as well as secure. We’re aware of the ethical obligation law firms have to their clients to protect client data. With every service we provide, we understand the severity of that ethical obligation and take on the responsibility ourselves. Our backup services have to be more secure and US based, our email solutions have to offer eDiscovery and archiving services, and our helpdesk services have to be better, faster and more reliable because we work with attorney’s day in and day out. This means spending as much time on the phone and onsite as needed and being available at all hours due to the fact that we know an attorney’s schedule can be hectic. If a Word document crashes at 8pm and an attorney has a deadline for the next day, we know we have to be available. Due to our clientele, our service and support expectations have to higher than standard IT companies.


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