How Attorneys can get the Most out of Real-time Transcription

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Real-time transcription is just one of many changes that have occurred in the field of court reporting across the past couple decades.  Such transcription is a means of record capture that empowers talented court reporters to produce a transcript in mere seconds from the point at which words are spoken.  Computer software translates shorthand key combinations entered into steno machines onto a screen for everyone to see.  It takes considerable skill to perform real-time transcription.  In fact, some stenographers are not capable or qualified to handle this responsibility.


Why Real-time Transcription is so Important

Real-time transcription has proven quite valuable to lawyers and courts.  This rapid transcription enhances the quality of videotaped depositions and remote depositions, providing immediate trial transcripts that facilitate case progress.  Real-time transcription ensures immediate annotations are provided.  This approach also provides superior search capabilities.  Furthermore, real-time transcription provides the ability to quote from the record to ultimately decrease challenges and objections.


Transcript Streaming

It is now possible for real-time court reporters to stream the text of a transcript off-site to a location far away from the court room.  It is also possible to permit deposition participants, whether they are remote or local, to watch witness video footage and read real-time text on the exact same screen.  This technology empowers lawyers to view questions and answer when at a deposition, determine if the question has essential elements and gauge whether the answer is clear.  It is also possible to access instant messaging if specialized software is used.  This feature is quite helpful when legal personnel are stationed across several different areas as it is possible to view the deposition from a remote location.


Real-time Transcription Features

Real-time reporters bring laptops or iPads to hearings or depositions.  These computers have all the necessary software so attorneys do not have to spend on anything.  The court reporters’ software provides a number of helpful features: the ability to stop the real-time scroll to read a part of the text, search capabilities and more.  In fact, attorneys can mark testimony by pressing the space bar or touching the screen, providing an immediate reference back to the testimony that has been marked.  Attorneys simply have to ask the court reporter how to use these features prior to the beginning of the deposition.  Give this amazing technology a chance and you will find out it is quite user-friendly.


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